Filled With Monsters is a classic filler arcade game expanded with great new features. Each level has its own goal. Use accelerometer and monsters with special powers wisely to fill the world with monsters.

4 out of 5 stars

Game Features: everything you may want to know!

Game Description and useful info

Press and hold to create MONSTER. Avoid human warriors. They are able to kill the monsters but only during growth process. Read the task carefully before you play. Use accelerometer and monsters with special powers wisely.

Universal App Works on all OS versions

With great concern for the convenience of users our goal is to create games on all major mobile platforms. Currently we support Playbook. iOS and Android coming really soon.

Highscores Be the best

Create an account and get the opportunity to save your results. Compete with friends. Be the master of monsters! Use the same account on different devices.

Special Monsters: use their special powers wisely.

Clock Slow down powers

Use it when you want to slow down enemies movement. Works for 3 seconds. Be carefull! Enemies will get back to regular speed without any warning.

Yeti Freeze powers

Use it when you want to freeze the world for a moment. Both, monsters and enemies will be frozen for 3 - 6 seconds. The world will defroze slowly.

Bomber Explosion powers

All enemies and monsters in explosion range will be killed. Enemies will not be harmful anymore but affetced monsters will lost its special powers.

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Reviews & Testimonials:

Love the game. I can not stop playing, it's so addictive. Levels after 10th are pretty hard though. I hope App World keeps getting more games like this.
John Deviano, founder SochiGames Inc.

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game developed by UkaszGames ltd.